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Hai Louise, super leuk je website, ik heb er van genoten! Wat een mooie aquarellen heb je gemaakt! Wat een leuke gebeurtenis met Timor's verjaardag!! Heerlijk om zo met je moeder genoten te hebben. Prachtige steden ( St Petersburg en Moskou) zo te zien en wat een mooie hoofden hebben die oude vrouwtjes op de markt, wat lijkt me dat permanent genieten voor je.
Groetjes aan Hans, Erna
Wat een leuke website. Zelfs mijn verjaardagshike staat erop. Een goed leven hebben we hier als ik dat zo bekijk.

Dear Louise,
As I now and then receive news on your life and art, I wanted to write you
also. Thank you for letting me in on your life and especially your art. I am
always very curious to follow your interests and development.

Probably you sometimes pop in to my web-side www.hvasskure.dk, so you have an idea of my development in that area.
It is great to see your photos of your outdoor life and it certainly makes
me miss these cold-climate activities and my skies and kayak in Denmark.

Hope to hear from you one day, and wish you lots of joy up there.

Regards Marianne
Gabrielle Willets
Hoi Louise.
Ik heb me net weer even zitten te vergapen aan jullie website. Ziet er
altijd zo leuk uit en zo te zien vervelen jullie je niet.
Mocht je nog eens via Perth komen, dan beslist even bellen hoor.
tot mailens,
Joan Bourgeois
Dear Hans and Louise,
Thank you so much for sharing your impressions in both art and words! I was very moved as it brought back so many memories. I applaud your enthusiasm and your talent!
We are loving The Hague! We really appreciate what a nice country Holland is to live in and realize we are very fortunate to be there.
I think your website was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks for including me in your mail list.

Warmest regards,
Vladimir Sizov
Hello, my name is Vladimir. I was born and live in Sakhalin.

On the 19th of Oct 2007 I visited your web site accidentally, started to read your Antifreeze stories and could not stop do it untill the end. Frankly speaking I have not been pleased so much for a long time. Very interesting and believable perception of our life from the point of view of a foreigner. Lambent humour and good pen. Nicely to read.
The art works are not less beautiful than the stories. I was especially deeply impressed by Indifference and Full moon pain.
I think you are an outstanding person and a very good painter and writer.

I would like to thank you for your works.

Sincerely yours,

Vladimir Sizov
Geantwoord op: 06:54 24-10-2007
Hello Vladimir,

that's a very nice surprise! Spaseeba, Ya ochen rada.
I have always thought that I must add a guestbook to my website. Your warm compliments are a great start. This is the first time I get such a compliment from someone who is from Sakhalin.

It is very nice to hear that you had fun reading my stories and enjoying my artwork. I try to do my best and make the most of our stay on the island. I hope to be able to say later that we really 'lived' in Russia
and grabbed the Russian character and culture.
Kind regards,
Berichten: 136 t/m 150 van de 141.
Aantal pagina's: 10
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